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new profile?

2015-09-13 09:58:45 by HANK10003

i have created a new profile and will be doing more on there as school was the big wall for me. also i am geting a graphic art tool soon.

here is the new profile:


2014-12-29 10:47:52 by HANK10003

It is time for me to grow up and do more f****** drawlings 

i am running out of ideas but coming up with new ones more drawlings less exploreing newgrounds and less school work!!!!

marry chritmas

2014-12-25 19:54:07 by HANK10003

Marry Chritmas and a happy new year

arg sckool and holloween

2014-10-14 17:08:51 by HANK10003

Hey i wont bo on posting much cuse of a shit ton of school work but on the bright side i got some art for holloween i am working on that is if the teachers don't write me up for ir and/or threaten me

hey hey

2014-09-13 18:57:43 by HANK10003

 hey the new project nexus2 is comeing out and going to up load at least two or more artwork online so looking forword to that

got new thing

2014-08-02 10:30:25 by HANK10003

i got a new lap top so news from me will traval faster :)

I am back

2014-07-26 18:04:53 by HANK10003

Did you miss me?

gone in a few

2014-06-29 22:19:09 by HANK10003

i am gone in 2 weeks but will have  a shit ton of art work for you.

realy sad will miss you fans and friends.


2014-05-22 12:02:51 by HANK10003

Who wants me to do a porno art

in two days

2014-05-20 14:04:48 by HANK10003

I will have more new art online i just got to draw some and i got a mohawk !!!!!!! 

May Metal be with YOU ALL!